Resources. You may request these credits/CEUs by completing our Act 48 / Act 45 form below. ACT 45 AND ACT 48 Moratorium Update. CLOSE. Downingtown, PA 19335. ACT 45 PIL PROGRAM I would like to register. Act 45 Reporting Program Assistant: or 412.394.4637. 2020-2021 Forms & Information. PIL is the statewide, standards-based continuing professional education program for school and system leaders. Reporting Course Work Act 45 (PA Inspired Leaders) The Act 45 legislation of 2007 makes better use of Act 48 credits by requiring certain school administrators to participate in professional education activities that are focused on practices that have the greatest impact on improving student achievement. For more information, contact the registrar's office. Act 45 requires princip als to have a cert ain blend of Act 48 and PIL hours (Act 45) in place to maintain certification. PA Department of Education Website for PIL; What courses do I need and should I enroll? This alert is intended to address three basic All CCIU Act 45 offerings are PIL-approved programs. Visit Us. The provisions of section 1205.2(n.2) are applicable to both Act 48 continuing education credit hours and Act 45 PIL credit hours required for school and system leaders. (p. 17) • The feasibility of a 3-year review is questionable given the changing capacity of PDE … Information from this form will be sent to PDE three times each year after spring, summer and fall terms. DelVal's Act 48 / Act 45 PIL Notification Form . Many members have been confused by the change, and we want to make certain that you are sure to maintain your certification. Arcadia University’s Superintendent Letter of Eligibility program and its courses are approved to meet the requirements for Act 45 of 2007 for school and system leaders. After completion of the program, participating superintendents will be awarded Act 45 Pennsylvania Inspired Leaders (PIL) Program hours. 1. Relax, we can help. Regional Program Leader: For more information on Act 45 visit the PA Department of Education, PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program. ... Answer: The legislation was introduced by PDE to make better use of Act 48 credits by requiring certain school administrators to participate in professional education activities that are focused on practices that have the … • Date of applicability aligns with 2018 Act 82. Diane Thomson. 455 Boot Road. With so many features and functions, we fully understand that getting the software to do what you want can be daunting at times. PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) FAQ's. PA Inspired Leadership Program (PIL) - Act 45 . . PDE's Professional Education Record Management System (PERMS) PA Inspired Leadership Program. C. Revise Assessment Requirements for Licensure 9. The Act 45 PIL Program is being provided by the Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 in coordination with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. the Pennsylvania Dep artment of Education (PDE). If you have questions or need assistance: Contact: PDE Data Summit Team Email: You are already registered for this event! For more information , please contact: Ann Appolloni. 484-237-5017. Curriculum Programs » Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL)/Act 45 Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL)/Act 45. 49.18. 2020-2021 Application for Region 7 (District AUN# & PPID# required) In addition to the existing PDE/PA Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program course schedules displayed under each Region, a current listing of approved programs and courses, offered by other entities, that meet the requirements for ACT 45 of 2007 for school and system leaders can be found below. 484-237-5314. Assessment (4) (d): Changed 3 years to 5 years considering 3 years is too quick of a turnaround.

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