Discover our 1 week bareboat itinerary for sailing the Exumas in the Caribbean. The Exumas. The Exumas, which include some 365 cays and islands spread over 130 nautical miles, offer plenty of ­opportunities for either. Planning your itinerary for one week in the Exumas? Here, rare rock iguanas at Allen’s Cay serve as your welcoming committee. 200 km of island paradise; Gentle winds and easy sailing conditions allow guests to enjoy some of the finest scuba-diving spots in the world, and navigation is very straight forward, mainly line of sight on a Bahamas sailing itinerary.. Exumas, Bahamas: 7 Boat Charter Cruising Program Departure from Palm Cay Marina, Nassau. We care about your safety! Most of the islands between Nassau and Staniel Cay are uninhabited. While much of the Bahamian experience is rooted in the trifecta of sun, sand, and sea, there are a range of things to do in the Exumas as you craft your itinerary for an epic week in the Bahamian Out Islands. This chain of 365 islands is home to secluded footprint-free beaches, deserted cays, and ultra-exclusive resorts. What are the Top Spots in Exumas this season? Exumas, Bahamas = Fabulous Charter Vacation! Join your yacht in the spectacular Atlantis Marina on Nassau’s Paradise Island after a short flight from home. Undergraduate Medical/Dental Programs; Postgraduate Dental Programs There are different itinerary choices for most of our destinations, including the southern Exumas and outer islands. ... 7 day itinerary Exumas. Every crewed yacht charter may be different when you sail or motor through these beautiful waters of the Exumas. Exumas, Bahamas: 7 Boat Charter Cruising … Home; About Us; Study Abroad; Medicine. Suggested for charters of 5 to 10 days Maximum sailing time, along with island exploration and water sports Although itineraries can change at the whim of your party, here are suggestions: The chain of 365 islands and cays provides an unmatched cruising wonderland that will enchant Bahamas newcomers and globe-trotting travellers of all kinds. 7-day itinerary boating the Bahamas and the Exumas islands Note: Each dot indicates the estimated places where the ship will anchor for the night. Detailed sailing conditions for Exumas. Plan your dream boat holiday with Zizoo's sailing itineraries in Croatia, Greece and throughout the Mediterranean. We would like to sail to Elethera (Harbor Island) and The Exumas. You’ll need knowledge of large tidal variations and be able to handle strong currents. The Exumas chain of islands that run for 90 miles south of Nassau is perfect for a downtempo getaway. Sail the short reach to … Exumas, Bahamas: Custom Fit Boat Charter Cruising Program Departure from Palm Cay Marina, Nassau. You know how they say “a picture speaks a thousand words?” We think a video must speak a million ! A password will be e-mailed to you. Dive a plane wreck, visit the ruins of the infamous cartel drug trafficker, Carlos. Read about the key attractions for a crewed private superyacht charter holiday in Exumas, the Bahamas, Caribbean. I'd be shocked if your charter company in the Abacos allowed you to go to either Eleuthera or the Exumas; many of them don't even let you transit the Whale Cay Passage to get from Great Guana Cay to Green Turtle Cay.And if they do, you have to demonstrate that you have the sailing … Exuma Cays Itinerary. SEVEN DAYS SAILING THE EXUMAS DAY 1: HIGHBOURNE CAY Meet your AvYacht in Nassau and sip a glass of bubbly during the short cruise through the sapphire-hued Exuma Bank to the top of the Exuma Cays. On an Exumas yacht charter, any number of days can be spent enjoying the lovely water, great beaches, and all there is to see and do in the Exumas. Access is super easy as you fly into Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and then sail a couple of hours to the northernmost islands in this stunning chain. You can pick up the rest of the itinerary from here and subtract one of the BVI anchorages. Experience the Bahamas on our 8-day/7-night by the cabin premium yacht charter around Exumas. Keep in mind that the reason we share with you this itinerary is nothing but inspire you when planning your sailing trip to the Bahamas . Below I’m sharing our itinerary for a week in the Exumas, which includes a couple of memorable boat days, plus some beach exploration. Jan 9, 2018 - Explore Exumas, in the Bahamas stress-free by following our exciting itinerary, ensuring you'll have an unforgettable sailing vacation. Along the way, we found beautiful secluded overnight spots for swimming and beaching including Moriah Bay and Goat Cay. Our Exumas sailing guide will walk you through each place we stopped during our sail from Nassau to Staniel Cay, and what we did at those locations. If you are meeting your yacht in Tortola, BVI. The following morning you will clear out of US customs in St Thomas and sail over to Tortola and clear into the British Virgin Islands. This beautifull islands are a favorite among families and sailors. Bahamas itinerary and highlights for your sailing holidays. We work closely with the crew of the yacht that you wish to charter to ensure that your vacation in the Bahamas is everything and more than expected. Exumas Dream Premium 8 Days / 7 Nights. Exumas Sailing Guide Our family just returned from a week sailing the Exumas in the Bahamas. Nassau & The Exumas: See photos and a Bahamas yacht charter itineraries and photos here. The Exumas are renown for their sapphire-blue waters—waters so stunning, their brilliant colours are visible even from outer space. Day 6 - Sail to Norman's Cay (1.5 hours). Full itinerary here. Exumas, Bahamas, Snorkeling Itinerary Day 1: Fowl Cay. The Bahamas Sailing Itinerary starts in Nassau. $1,416 TO $2,034. Our Exumas sailing video is all you need for building an Exumas sailing itinerary! Home > Destinations > Caribbean Yacht Charter > Bahamas Yacht Charter > Exumas Yacht Charter > Yacht Charter Itinerary Exumas. Here is a Sample Itinerary for your Exumas Bahamas Yacht Charter adventure.. Day 1 – Warderick Wells. Our Dodecanese Sailing Itinerary is ideal for families and friends to enjoy together, while also discovering what the Dodecanese islands have to offer, with an itinerary to/from Kos and to/from Rhodes. An Exumas yacht charter itinerary is as delightful as it is diverse. I agree with terms & conditions. Visit Paradise Island, the aquariums, window-shopping, “dine-out” Departure Day - Check-out before 10 am, flight home; This itinerary … This Bahamas sailing itinerary around the Exumas promises an unforgettable sailing vacation. Once you are in the Bahamas on an Exumas yacht charter, you may find it very hard to leave. This itinerary is for 10 days, however can be shortened to 7 days or extended to 14 days. Great Exumas: 7 Day Itinerary You can now explore the Exumas on a roundtrip basis, departing from Nassau. The are low lying, pristine, white sand, often uninhabited gems, surfacing in waters of astonishing hues. Day 7 - Return sail to Nassau (6 hours). Step aboard our spacious Lagoon 620 yacht where you’ll have a double cabin with private bathroom and sail from our base in Nassau. How long do you think we should take to do this round trip? The Essential Exumas Luxury Yacht Charter Broker Itinerary for crewed motor yachts & sailing yachts. Please see our COVID Safety information. With 365 individual cays and islands, lose yourself in a tropical escape without the bustling tourist crowd. Exumas: 7 Day Itinerary Discover the top Exumas highlights and best islands to visit. Step aboard luxury sailing catamaran RUBICON, set sail and prepare to be amazed.Anchor off Fowl Cay, south of Stocking Island, and snorkel off the yacht at a spot that turtles frequent, along with a great amount of colorful fish. Day 1: Arrive at Nassau and head to Palm Cay Marina in the afternoon to provision and acquaint yourself with the boat. Exumas, Bahamas are unlike any place else on earth. The Education Group. Set sail and explore Exumas in the Bahamas with a sailing vacation that will never be forgotten. The Exumas are truly the wild west of the Bahamas, and we liked it! Discover our 1 week bareboat itinerary for sailing the Exumas in the Caribbean. Reset Password With steady trade winds all year round and a warm tropical climate, the Bahamas are an ideal sailing destination. Exumas yacht charter. SAILING ITINERARIES. As a Level 3 sailing area, the 40-mile passage between Nassau and the chain of islands can be challenging and more suitable for experienced sailors. Answer 1 of 9: Hey All - We are planning on chartering a Catermaran (sail) out of Marsh Harbor in December 2017. LEARN TO SAIL IN THE EXUMAS, BAHAMAS. Here’s a recent itinerary that took us out to Conception Island and Calabash Bay at Long Island. Sailing the Exumas with Dream Yacht Charter . Dodecanese Sailing Itinerary – Kos Route. Take the helm, drop anchor and discover all that the Exumas have to offer on a sailing holiday. Most experienced yachtsmen agree that for an out-island getaway, the Exumas, Bahamas is unmatched. Get tips on anchorages, beaches and more Sail the Great Exumas and Cays on one of our private yacht charters. Arrive into Nassau International Airport and join your yacht dockside at Atlantis on Paradise Island. Please note: We operate two different itineraries, and they both board and disembark at different locations. New for 2018, both The Moorings and Dream Yacht Charter offer bareboat and crewed charters from bases in Nassau, which is about a 30-mile sail to the northern end of the Exumas … The marina has five-star facilities and is a great base to start your charter. We learned quickly that the Exumas are very different than the BVIs and the Grenadines. Back to Login. The Exumas are an incredible chain of 365 cays (islands) stretching for 120 nautical miles! Explore information on seasons, wind speed and monthly weather averages and the best times to visit here. Nassau to Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas #3 Day 1: Nassau to Highborne Cay – Anchored / Distance 40NM (Running time about 4.5 – 5 hours). Discover the top Exumas highlights and best islands to visit.